Do The Police Have The Right To Demand To See Your ID?

Over the years policing in America has taken the world by storm, it seems that police in this country have made many headlines. More and more people are educating themselves on what their rights are when confronting the police. Its extremely important to know what you should and should not do when coming across the police, and one of the most important things to know is whether or not the police have the right to demand to see your ID. The answer to this is quite complicated since states vary when it comes to their local laws. Here are some things you should know about when coming in contact with the police.

Know Your Rights

There are several states across the United States that have Stop and Identify laws. These laws state that the police have the right to ask for your ID if they have reasonable suspicion that you are about to commit a crime or in the middle of committing a crime; if they do not have reasonable suspicion then they do not have the right to see your ID. If you are detained by police then at that point you will need to confirm your identity to avoid any further conflict. In a case of mistaken identity then it is best to just confirm your identity so that you can continue going about your day.

The Key Is Suspicion

When stopped by the police you should not identify yourself right away, it is their job to prove reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. It is essential that you know your rights when dealing with the police otherwise it may cost you a lot of problems down the line. In cases like this, it is important to know your state laws and know your rights.

What Is A Star ID?

The Real ID Act was passed in Congress under the Bush administration in 2005. This law has allowed U.S. citizens to apply for an enhanced driver’s license, which will allow them to securely board domestic flights and safely access federal buildings. This ID known as the Star ID has been in effect in over 20 states across the country and will soon be implemented in all 50 states.

What You Should Know

The Start ID is also known as an enhanced driver’s license, and when you do upgrade your license you will have a star symbol on the card. One of the most important things to take into account when considering whether or not you should upgrade is that the Star ID is required to board domestic flights without a passport. Additionally, the Star ID will be required for domestic travel by October 2021. The Start ID will allow you to access domestic flights, federal buildings, and nuclear powerplants.

How Do I Get A Star ID?

Obtaining a Star ID is quite simple, the only difficult part of this process is having to wait at the DMV. In order to get your Star ID, you will need the following:

  • Proof of identity such as valid driver’s license or state ID, birth certificate, or passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Two different proofs of state residency, such as light bill, credit card bill, or cable bill; anything with your address.

It is important that you bring these documents with you to the DMV to avoid any issues with processing your application.

Get on Top of It Now

It is extremely important that you get on top of this as soon as possible, as this will be required to board a U.S. flight. Although you can still use your passport to board a flight, it is still good to have an additional document on hand just in case anything was to happen to your passport. The Star ID was made to protect all Americans from any threats, and this is a huge step forward to ensuring our safety.

Scannable IDs: Do They Really Stop Counterfeiters?

As the counterfeiting trend continues to grow in our society, many will wonder if technology will be able to keep up. With the evolution of scannable IDs, the scannable fake IDs have evolved with our technology as well. However, the ability to trace back an ID barcode can vary from person to person and from scanner to scanner, as not everyone has access to the personal information encrypted in our ID barcodes. So, can scannable fake IDs be perfected by counterfeiters? The true answer is that it depends, and here’s why.

Barcodes Are Important

Scannable IDs have barcodes in them that can be traced back to official databases, which contain your personal information. Therefore, if a scannable fake ID does have a barcode that is not traced back to a database then it can easily be found as a fraudulent identification card. However, there are some scannable fake IDs that do contain encrypted information, which can result in a simple ID scanner falsely validating your information.

State Official vs. Security Guard

The truth of the matter is that only a state official is able to trace a barcode back to its internal database to check for false identification. A bouncer will only be able to detect a scannable fake ID if he or she knows what they are looking for. Therefore, the idea that an ID scanner will automatically detect fraudulent ID cards can be quite misleading.


So, to answer the question. The truth is that scannable IDs can stop counterfeiters on certain occasions. It all depends on the kind of equipment you have on hand to scan ID cards. However, although counterfeiters may be winning this battle, they will likely lose the war against our technology as we continue to advance our fight against counterfeiting efforts.

Can You Use A Credit Card With Your Picture As A Legal ID?

It seems that more and more each day people attempt to find more ways to use fraudulent identification. Additionally, many people may confuse what may or may not be qualified as proper identification. Credit cards seem to be a bridge between someone being a victim of fraudulent activity. So, it is no surprise that credit cards have been strictly monitored over the years and will continue to be closely monitored. Many may wonder can a credit card be used as a form of ID; I mean it has your name. The answer is no and here’s why.

More Information Is Needed

It is important to differentiate between government-issued identification and a document with solely your name and your photo attached to it. With the increase in a fraudulent activity taking place on a daily basis, it can actually be harmful to use a credit card as your identification. Here is an example of how using a credit card as identification can go completely wrong; your credit cards get stolen and the person who has committed the theft to goes to your local bank and withdraws the money from your account because all that is needed is the identification and a photo to withdraw the money. The lack of information needed leaves you vulnerable to fraud.


In 99.9% of cases, a government-issued ID will be required when asked to show identification. The reason being that by having a government-issued ID means that your identity is verified in a government database. Having a credit card with your name on it and a photo will not help verify your identity and leaves you susceptible to identity fraud. This is why it is important to be self-aware of proper forms of identification.

Why Do You Have To Show An ID To Check Into A Hotel?

Safety is the number one priority when running a hotel. Hotel’s usually have strict security measures when it comes to their guests. Although hotel security is important, the hotel room check-in process is quite simple, and if you have the proper documents on hand then the check-in process can be done in a matter of minutes. The two things that you will need to check into a hotel room are your hotel reservation confirmation and a government-issued ID. Many may wonder why someone needs to show their ID to check into their hotel room.

Security Checks

As mentioned before the safety of the hotel staff and guests are top priority for running an efficient hotel. One of the security measures is showing a valid ID at check in. The reason that an ID is required for checking into your hotel room is that the staff needs to verify your identity. By showing a valid ID it will significantly decrease the risk of strangers and criminals from going into the hotel. Additionally, if any criminal activity took place in your hotel room then the front desk will have your information on file to report it to the authorities.

Aside from having you ID to verify your identity. The front desk staff will need your ID card to confirm that the reservation was not made on a stolen credit card. Verifying your identity will not only help you, but also the hotel staff.

Safety Is Key

As you can see hotels are really just looking out for your best interest, and the safety of their guests and staff. Checking into your hotel room is hassle-free and does not require much work from you. Your ID will literally contribute to keeping a safe hotel, and that’s a rewarding feeling!

Can You Really Be Held Liable For ID Theft In Data Breaches?

In recent years there have been many data breaches that have caught national attention. At one point many businesses updated their privacy policy at the same time after a huge data breach at Yahoo, I’m sure you still have all the emails about the updated policies. Although data breaches are extremely concerning for businesses and consumers, it is important for you as a consumer to know where you stand when there is a data breach. I am sure a company that you have ties to as a consumer had some sort of data breach, and you may have asked yourself if you would be held liable for this breach.

Consumers Are Not Guilty

It is important to state off the bat that you as a consumer will not be held liable if an organization that you have ties to has experienced a data breach. Many cases of identity theft can stem from data breaches. Therefore, if you are a consumer that has been affected by a data breach then it is important that you report it to the proper authorities because you may be eligible for compensation.

Organizations Pay the Price

Although an organization did not conduct the act of hacking into their systems and releasing personal information, they are still responsible for keeping their consumer’s personal information safe. One of the largest data breaches in modern history was in 2013 when 3 billion people were affected, and again in 2014 when 500 million people were exposed. The breach at Yahoo ultimately led to a settlement of $117 million dollars.

Know Where You Stand

Data breaches will continue to happen, and it is important to take note of where stand when it comes to these unfortunate acts. A great tip is to closely monitor your accounts and if you ever receive notice that a company that you have a tie to experience a data breach then it is important to continue to monitor your information. Always remember liability falls on the corporation, not the consumer!

It’s Nearly Impossible To Live In America Without An ID Card

Living in a post 9/11 world has resulted in having to make major adjustments even in 2020. It seems like you are constantly being asked to verify your identity everywhere you go. Many may ask if an ID card is necessary to get by in America. The truth is although some states do not require you to carry an ID card, it is still recommended that you carry one to avoid any conflict with the authorities. However, the Real ID Act may slowly change that.

Know Your Risks

It is very risky to walk throughout the streets of America without any form of ID card. As mentioned before having an ID card is not technically required, however, the Real ID Act has been implemented in many states across the country. If you do not have an enhanced ID, then you will not be authorized to enter any federal facilities or aircraft unless you have a U.S. Passport on hand. Therefore, it is important that you take into consideration the risks that you will be taking if you are no carrying an ID card.

In many cases, an ID card will be required to confirm your identity. Whether you are buying alcohol, getting into a nightclub, making a credit purchase, or getting into a federal facility; you will need to show your ID.


So, it’s true it is nearly impossible to live in this country without and ID card. Security threats will continue to grow and the requirement of showing an ID card will grow along with it. So before contemplating whether or not you should spend half a day at the DMV to renew a license or get your ID card, just think about all the things that you cannot do because you don’t have an ID card, it’s quite the list!